Augmenting Human Potential
Leveraging AI and Robotics Technologies
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Securing Commitment
vis-a-vis the Fear of Job Displacement by Robots. Use of Robotics to Augment Human Potential
Struggling With
Identifying and Deploying Effective Technology. Connected with a Network of Technology Enablers
Stressing Over
Long, Protracted Process of Business Transformation. Enjoy the Experience of Transformation Journey

Pillars of Augmented Robotics Technology

we see the critical relevance of augmented technologies to help businesses and
societies pivot to a better quality of life
Developing Digital Community
Digital communities form the basic platform for our members' interaction and peer-to-peer learning
Connecting w/ Global Use Cases
Monitoring global trends in the adoption of technologies to facilitate human-machine collaboration
Preparing the Future of Work
Reviewing work process - skills - environment to facilitate use of augmented technologies
Piloting Proven Technologies
Engaging on programs and projects to build MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
Improving the Quality of Life
Sharing proven methodology and best practices for adoption in the transformation journey
Maximizing Human Potential
Upskilling digital competency and human-machine collaboration skills to outperform current individual expectations

"We wish to convey a very relevant message to the business enterprises and society at large, that AI & Robotics technologies MUST be leveraged to Augment Human Potential

As such, by understanding applicable technologies and how it can be leveraged to redesign our future of work, the human workforce and management can re-skill to become Masters of Technology."

– Shanlynn Lee
President, Asia Pacific Assistive Robotics Association

Partners We've Worked With

we collaborate with counterpart industry associations with a common cause as well as research institutes and universities on practical research projects. here are our partners with formal arrangements
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